Philosophy and Wisdom

Here we expect an objective discussion on reality as-it-is, what it means to be human or to be alive, purpose of Life etc.
This category is for everyone to understand Life, Existence and Co-existence in an objective manner, raise questions on the same and satisfy own thirst.


Any suggestion, query or discussion related to Lifemaker or collaboration on its operations goes here.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Mutual help and wellbeing

We want to help each other in wise ways.
This is the place for any two people or group, to offer or get help on any aspect of day to day Living. You can post offering help or requesting help. For example, offering or finding a skill, getting your website developed, education for yourself or your children, couch requests for travellers etc. If you need some help and it doesn't fit in any of the other categories, this is the place you can ask for it.

Life Advice

Here is where people can offer or receive advice related to Life related issues. This section is meant to help the members improve the quality of Life for oneself, one's family or a friend. Any personal, familial or neighbourhood issue can be shared here and the members are expected to shed light and help the inquirer resolve their issue. The issue must relate to you, your family or someone you know. You can post anonymously. This is different from help exchange in Day to Day Living where people help each other in Living related matters.

Body and fitness

Anything related to the body and its fitness comes here. You can ask questions, share health issues and share knowledge. Topics here should cover fitness, exercise, yoga, martial arts, food, medicine, fasting etc.

Universal Values

We are exploring and presenting a set of universal values which we believe, are hallmark of a realised Human existence. You can read the current draft here. It is still abstract and work in progress.

Knowledge and Information

Any piece of knowledge or information that is relevant in some way for the members to read and know about. This section will have pieces of information which fit in none of the other categories. News can come in here too.