Welcome to Lifemaker Ashram


Welcome to Lifemaker Ashram. We are pleased at your visit :slight_smile:

This space is dedicated to:

  • Discuss, contemplate upon and understand Life, Existence, Co-existence, Self, Family, Human and Humanity
  • Provide and get help and resources for any meaningful purpose - personal, familial, social or environmental
  • Work towards a better present and future for each other, Humanity and Life on Earth
  • Ask for and share learning resources, tips, tools, insights etc. of any kind
  • Discuss and collaborate on different aspects of the Lifemaker project
  • Be useful in any way possible.

The word Ashram is traditionally meant in India as a spiritual community space that provides solace, takes care of living necessities and provides and environment for Self-realisation. Lifemaker’s Ashram is meant to be a social network and collaboration forum dedicated to living together as an Undivided society, in a mutually fulfilling, happy and Enlightening Co-existence.

The goal of Lifemaker is continuity, nourishment and Enlightenment of the Human seed - demonstrated as an undying tradition of healthy, happy and mutually fulfilled Human and Humanity in Co-existence. All of us are found together in Co-existence, here on Earth. We all carry unique gifts. The nature has enough abundance for every one. Everyone’s needs can be fulfilled, and everyone can be sharing their gifts, in continuity of happiness. All we need is correct understanding. We need to observe and contemplate upon the system and order found in Nature; and apply the natural way of living in our self, family and society therein. Lifemaker is a space and an initiative dedicated to establishing a co-existential understanding based Universal Human Order, in each one of our lives and that of our family’s.

Apart from public discussions, members can speak privately too. To go deeper into Life and Lifemaker, we recommend visiting us in Dharamsala, or inviting to your place. We will engage in a human centric contemplation of co-existence and working Human Order for happy co-living as families and Society.

On the offline level, we will be spread across the world as locally sustainable localities. Read more about us on our approach page. we are exploring a grassroots based Enlightened Family pilot with families from the Himalayan villages of Dharamsala, India. In May, we are conducting workshops with local families, youth and children; for discussions, catching attention, contemplation and meditation. We are exploring a holistic working model with the families that are truly curious to understand Life in an open frame and live in continuity of happiness, holistically. We are open to all world. Families from outside can register for our June '18 workshops. In future, we foresee this work happening in continuity, as we plant our feet firmly on the lush green slopes of Himalayas :slight_smile:

To develop a shared understanding of Life and Living; and a working model which starts to make sense; it will take some time; and it will take some togetherness too. You are welcome to visit us with at least one member of your family (or a friend) and explore deeper with us, or invite us to your place. Once you have understood and seen changes in your own family Life, you will be easily able to explain the same to others. In meantime, we welcome you to participate in, benefit others and benefit from the movement via this online forum.

Perhaps you have been also wishing for continuity of happiness and nourishment in your and your family’s life, in your neighbourhood, country or for Humanity. Welcome aboard! There are more like us in the world. We are calling out to our tribe to reunite. Let’s party again!